School is Cool

Hi everybody!

My name is Sibo.

One of the things I love most in life is helping to save the world.

Pah! I hear you say. How can little kids save the world? That’s just silly!  Actually, it’s not so silly. If we all do a little bit – like have a shorter shower and turn off the tap when we brush our teeth – then we save water.

And… we all know that water is very precious. Simple hey?

Turning off lights and unplugging your cell-phone charger is another easy-peasy way to help out. We can all do it. We can make sure that our families do it too.

I also really like learning new things. Now that the holidays are finished – I think it’s cool we can go back to school. I’m looking forward to learning lots of new stuff this year.

I know… sometimes it’s a drag to have to get up in the mornings for school… but just imagine if we had holidays all year round (I can hear lots of you yelling yaaaayyy – now that would be really cool) but think about it. We’d be bored silly after a few weeks. We’d probably be a bit stupid too, because we wouldn’t know much.

Plus… we probably would not be able to read.

I love reading. I read a bit every day. Not only the stuff we have to read for school, but I also enjoy reading for myself. Books are like friends – even better in some ways because you can always rely on them. You don’t need to ask your mum if your book can come and play (duh!) – you can just pick it up and start reading. You can get stuck into a good story and forget all your problems. You can have awesome adventures without ever leaving your house.

This is going to be a regular blog where we can all share stuff.  You can email and send letters, pictures, photos, lists of books you’ve read, hints or tips – anything you feel like. Or if you’ve got questions you can send those too. I’ve got a friend – The Earthman – who is really smart and knows about most things.

Visit my website – for cool stuff that you (and your teacher) can download free. Like colouring in sheets, activity sheets and there’s even a song.

Looking forward to next week.



PS: I like learning new words – I’m going to share a cool new word with you each week in case you like learning new words too:

Word: Heebie-jeebies  (HEE-bee-JEE-beez  is how you say it)

Meaning: A feeling of nervousness; jitters, creeps (noun)

Example: I get the heebie-jeebies when I don’t have a nice book to read!

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