The Sibo Series

From 2015-2019 “Sibo” (aka Ginny Stone) wrote a weekly blog in the African Reporter. Those blogs are also posted here. They cover a variety of subjects, how to deal with bullying, family life, reading, making stuff, science, animals, gardening, being brave, staying safe – you name it, we’ve probably covered it.
In May 2019 this blog won a Global Blog Award and as a result of that, the best of Sibo’s blogs were published into a book which is available on Amazon.
After giving up writing the column in 2019, Ginny took a bit of a break from blog writing but she’s back now.

Sibo Series

There are 14 titles in the Sibo Series, written by Ginny Stone and published by Lets Look Publishers. They are written in rhyme, beautifully illustrated, and cover all sorts of cool topics such as global warming, HIV AIDS, chemistry, nanotechnology, saving strays, space, growing your own veggies, recycling, biodiversity, fighting malaria, road safety, etiquette using public transport and other interesting stuff.

You can order them directly from Lets Look publishers if you are interested or you can also find them on Amazon.

Please visit Sibo’s website to find out more about these books.

If you have a specific topic that you would like to become a title in the Sibo Series and have funding to sponsor such a book please don’t hesitate to contacts us. Read more about this here.