Cycle Safely

A couple of months ago my Grandparents kindly gave me a bicycle because I got good grades at school.

It’s my first “big” bike – if you know what I mean – a gorgeous blue one that I can ride to school on. I was so excited!

Mum made me buy a cycling helmet before I was even allowed to think about cycling on the road.

She also got Dad to teach my friend Lizzie and me the stuff to check on your bike before you set off and about the rules of the road.

First thing to check… are the tyres okay? Flat tyres are just nasty. Make sure your bike has a pump attached to it.

Does your bike have lights and are they working. (If you are planning on cycling when it is dark – you better jolly well have some lights on your bike.)

You also need to make sure that the seat of your bike and the handlebars are set to the correct height. It’s very dangerous to cycle if you can’t sit comfortably or get on and off easily.

Next – ensure that your wheels spin freely.

Lastly – always check your brakes and make sure they are in good working order.

It’s really not hard. Only takes a few seconds – but it could stop you from having a nasty accident or getting stuck.

Once Dad had finished teaching Lizzie and I how to check our bikes he then told us about the rules of the road.

Page 24 - bike signals

Firstly you must always cycle on the left side with the traffic. Remember this is different to walking – where you should walk facing the oncoming traffic. You should always obey traffic signals, lights and road markings. They are not meant for cars only. They definitely apply to cyclists too.

At traffic lights – get off your bike and stand by the side. Do not ride across a zebra crossing either – get off and wheel your bike across.

Another very important thing to remember is always make eye contact with motorists. Make sure that they have seen you and be very careful if you are in their blind spot when you are passing by.

It’s such a fabulous feeling to whizz along the road – as long as you do it carefully.

Happy cycling!


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