Adults acting worse than kids

Sibo 5Eish!

I have been feeling rather agitated just lately. All these people throwing coloured paint on statues and messing them up makes me sad, mad and just plain fed up.

It’s worse than littering.

I understand that not everybody is happy with their lives, and that things have not worked out the way they wanted them to, but destroying stuff is wrong.

And it does not fix anything. You might feel good or happy for a little while, but soon you’ll be looking for something else to mess up.

If you think about it, it’s a bit like stealing.

I’m just a little kid and one day I want to be able to go and visit history. Check out what people looked like, read up on what they did. All people – no matter what colour they are.

Even if I maybe did not agree with what they did in the past – I still have the right to know about them.

If they get rid of all the statues – how long before they get rid of all the information in the history books that we have at school?

It’s not like you can change things that have already happened.

But you can learn from mistakes and make sure that they don’t happen again.

I thought big people were supposed to know better. It seems to me that some of these big people are acting worse than little kids.

Seriously! If a kid destroyed something just because he or she didn’t like it – they’d probably get a fat smack and be in serious trouble.

Imagine if you stole your neighbour’s angel statue and broke it just because you don’t believe in angels?

I listen to a lot of adults moaning and whinging that they wished their lives were different. That they had a better job… or earned more money. Or they wished they were thinner… or whinge whinge whinge. But I don’t really ever see them doing anything to help themselves and change things.

This seems a bit odd to me.

It’s up to you, yourself, to change stuff that you don’t like.

But this does not mean that it’s okay to destroy things.



Cool word for the week: Tolerance

Meaning: A willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others

Example: We have to show tolerance for what other people think – even if we don’t agree with them.


Smile awhile

Sibo smilingHey everybody!

Hope that you all are enjoying the holidays or what’s left of them.

I was in the shops with my mum one day last week and was horribly bored. I’d much rather be out in the sunshine, digging in my garden or doing other cool stuff than trawling around a stupid mall. But my mum likes going shopping. My dad is one sneaky dude – he usually manages to avoid going with mum. He always has urgent “other” stuff to do.

Anyway, I was sitting on a bench watching people and do you know – nearly none of those people were smiling. Everybody had various different looks on their faces. Some looked worried. Some looked sad. Some looked cross and some looked so angry their eyebrows were nearly smouldering into their noses.

It was rather interesting. Even most of the kids were stomping along with faces like thunderclouds. I could hear some whinging that they wanted things that they were obviously not getting.

There was an old auntie standing on the other side of the walkway asking for money. She smiled at everybody who dropped some coins in her cup and thanked the people.

But most of those people did not even look at her again.

A droopy looking young lady walked passed and looked at me. I smiled sweetly at her.

Immediately she smiled back.

Ah hah! An experiment. I love experiments.

I tried smiling at more people. Big smiles and little smiles. Most people smiled back at me.

When mum came out of the shop I smiled at her.

She looked at me. “Oh oh Sibo!” She said. “What have you done now? Why are you smiling like that?”

I wiped the smile off my face and put on my hurt look. “Mum!” I exclaimed. “I was smiling at you because I love you. I have not done a single naughty thing. I promise.”

I did not consider experimenting smiles on people as being naughty.

She looked a bit doubtful and then she smiled back at me. “I love you too Sibo,” she said.

I took her hand and we walked off, smiling at all the people we saw.

Let’s make the world a happier place and smile more.


Cool word for the week: Agitated

Meaning: Feeling or appearing troubled or nervous.

Example: A whole lot of people were looking very agitated because the shop had run out of chocolate eggs.

Mind your manners!

The other day mum and I had been shopping in the mall. I was tired, my feet were sore and actually I was a bit fed up watching her try on gajillions of clothes.

Mum suggested that we stop for a break and a bite to eat. I wanted to go to McDonalds. Mum wanted to go to another little tea shop.

Obviously, because I’m the small one and mum has the money – we ended up going to Mum’s place.

I was not very happy and started to pout.

Look said mum, they have chocolate cake and milkshakes. I did not want chocolate cake or a milkshake. I wanted a cheese burger and a coke.

I was really miffed. I plonked down at that table and sulked. When the waitress came to take our order I did not look at her, nor did I say please or thank you.

Mum said I’d been really rude.

Really rude? Me? I didn’t think so.

But mum insisted. She said just because I was having a bad day I should not take it out on other people. They were just doing their job.

“Please and thank you are the cornerstones of politeness”, she said. And a smile does not hurt either.

Mum went off to find the Ladies room and left me sitting there – thinking.

Hmmm… probably I had been a bit rude hey? Come to think of it – I was not very proud of myself. I don’t ever like it when people think they can be rude to me, just because I’m a little kid. I guess it works both ways. One can’t just be bad tempered and mean when we don’t get our own way.

Even if it is something important like going to McDonalds!

Sibo 5In fact you could say that my behaviour had been downright dodgy.  The next time I saw the waitress passing our table I smiled at her and said I was sorry for being rude.

She patted my shoulder and said it was okay. She thanked me for apologising and said she also found it tiring going shopping with her mum.

I said sorry to  mum when she came back to the table.

The chocolate cake was delicious.


Cool word for the week:

Word:  nook

Meaning:  a corner or a small recess

Example: Sibo and her mum found a nice little nook in the restaurant and sat down to have a snack.