Wish the flu would fly away

Sibo handsYuk! I’ve been sick. Mum even made me stay home from school for a few days. She said there was no point in me going to the doctor because it was just flu. It would take seven days to get better – whether I went to the doctor or not.

Ghah! It might be just flu – but it did not feel very good.

She gave me lots of vitamin C tablets – the nice chewy ones that taste like orange and lots of orange juice to drink.

I reminded her that peppers have more vitamin C in them than oranges.

Mum gave me a skeef look and told me that I was Miss Know-it-all – even when I was sick. How would I like to drink pepper juice instead?

Hmmm…. not sure that pepper juice would be very tasty come to think of it.

Dad was busy reading his paper. He moved it a little bit so I could see his face and winked at me.

That made me feel better. Dad knows I like to learn lots of different stuff.

Mum has this rule – if I stay home from school I have to stay in bed. I pointed out that I would have much rather gone to school – even if I was sick. She said I should stay home.

So we compromised. I stayed in bed half the day and watched TV the other half. Mum said when you are sick, your body needs to rest in order to get well again. You need lots of sleep too.

Sjoe! I was so sick and tired of having a runny nose. I used up a whole box of tissues and two toilet rolls. Mum put Vicks under my nose so that I could breathe better.

After a few days I organised with my friend Lizzie to bring me all the work from school that I was missing. I thought this was a clever sneaky way of seeing my friend – but my plan backfired.

Mum would not let her into my room. She said my germs would make Lizzie sick and that would be mean. Mom talked so much argle-bargle that I closed my eyes and pretended to fall asleep.

She tip-toed out and left me in peace.

I’m better now.


Cool (long) word for the week: Discombobulated (dis-com-bob-u lated)

Meaning: to be upset or frustrated

Example: Sibo was discombobulated because she was sick and had to miss school for a few days.

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