International Book Giving Day

Hey everybody!

Did you know… 14th of February is International Book Giving Day. Yes yes, I know it’s also Valentine’s Day – but let’s ignore that one for the moment because really – everybody knows about Valentine’s Day already, but who knew it was International Book Giving Day?

So I was thinking… if you’ve got some books that you have outgrown or finished reading or simply don’t have space for anymore – maybe you could drop them off at the Addie offices and they could give them to kids or schools that don’t have lots of books.

Don’t you think that’s an awesome idea?

And they do not have to be only children’s books – maybe your parental agents (aka your mom /dad guardian / whoever) have novels or other books that they would be prepared to give away too.

Or… your school or church could organise a book drive – collect up lots of books and pass them over to people who don’t have books of their own.

Or you could donate some books to the local hospital.

If you think of a clever idea of who and how to donate books to – email me quickly ( and let me know so that we can share it with everybody else… in the world.

Yes! That’s what “International” means – it means that the whole world is going to be giving books on the 14th of February.

The thought of living in a world without books gives me the heebie-jeebies (remember – that’s the word we learnt last week).  Sad to say though – too many children in South Africa don’t own a single book of their own.

We can all make a difference to somebody’s life and give a book.

Or maybe you are one of the people who do not have a book of your own. Just think – you might be able to get one on the 14th February.

If you are feeling really generous, you can buy a brand new book and donate it to somebody who needs it. Ginny is going to do this. She’s going to donate some of the books in the Sibo Series to a needy school.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Your new word for the week:

Word:  vim

Meaning:  (noun) Lively spirit; energy;  enthusiasm

Example: Sibo is full of vim when it comes to International Book Reading Day!

School is Cool

Hi everybody!

My name is Sibo.

One of the things I love most in life is helping to save the world.

Pah! I hear you say. How can little kids save the world? That’s just silly!  Actually, it’s not so silly. If we all do a little bit – like have a shorter shower and turn off the tap when we brush our teeth – then we save water.

And… we all know that water is very precious. Simple hey?

Turning off lights and unplugging your cell-phone charger is another easy-peasy way to help out. We can all do it. We can make sure that our families do it too.

I also really like learning new things. Now that the holidays are finished – I think it’s cool we can go back to school. I’m looking forward to learning lots of new stuff this year.

I know… sometimes it’s a drag to have to get up in the mornings for school… but just imagine if we had holidays all year round (I can hear lots of you yelling yaaaayyy – now that would be really cool) but think about it. We’d be bored silly after a few weeks. We’d probably be a bit stupid too, because we wouldn’t know much.

Plus… we probably would not be able to read.

I love reading. I read a bit every day. Not only the stuff we have to read for school, but I also enjoy reading for myself. Books are like friends – even better in some ways because you can always rely on them. You don’t need to ask your mum if your book can come and play (duh!) – you can just pick it up and start reading. You can get stuck into a good story and forget all your problems. You can have awesome adventures without ever leaving your house.

This is going to be a regular blog where we can all share stuff.  You can email and send letters, pictures, photos, lists of books you’ve read, hints or tips – anything you feel like. Or if you’ve got questions you can send those too. I’ve got a friend – The Earthman – who is really smart and knows about most things.

Visit my website – for cool stuff that you (and your teacher) can download free. Like colouring in sheets, activity sheets and there’s even a song.

Looking forward to next week.



PS: I like learning new words – I’m going to share a cool new word with you each week in case you like learning new words too:

Word: Heebie-jeebies  (HEE-bee-JEE-beez  is how you say it)

Meaning: A feeling of nervousness; jitters, creeps (noun)

Example: I get the heebie-jeebies when I don’t have a nice book to read!