Be Kind to Human Kind Week

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Believe it or not “Be kind to human kind week” is celebrated from August 25th-31st every year. In case you are wondering why I’m telling you this now when it’s nowhere near the end of the month – it’s because we should all give it a bit of thought and see what we can do specifically during that week. Make some plans… maybe even speak to our parental agents or teachers about what we can do.

This year it starts on Tuesday 25th and runs to the following Monday 31st August. Each day has a special topic.

Touch-A-Heart Tuesday – Spread kindness, one heart at a time. We could write a letter to an old relative or friend. We can encourage our own friends instead of dissing them. The thing is to be kind and thoughtful. Not mean and nasty.

Willing-To-Lend-A-Hand Wednesday – Offer a helping hand. Maybe there is somebody you know that needs an odd job done and can’t do it themselves. We could wash the dishes, or help with the housework. Maybe ask our teachers if they have something that needs to be done. The thing is to do something – for somebody else.

Thoughtful Thursday – Treat others well.  Remember to say please, thank you and excuse me. (Guess we should be doing that all the time anyway.) Hold the door open for somebody. Offer to help your mum make dinner. Ask your Dad if you can bring him anything when he gets home from work.

Forgive Your Foe Friday – Come together.  Learn to forgive and don’t hold a grudge. If you’ve had a fight with one of your friends or family members – say you are sorry and give them a hug.

Speak Kind Words Saturday – Say something nice.  This is really simple and it’s all up to you. Just be nice! If you can’t think of anything nice to say – say nothing.

Sacrifice Our Wants for Others Needs Sunday – Show them that you care.  Do something good for one of your family members or friends.

Motorist Consideration Monday – Drive Courteously. If you go to school by bus or taxi – make a point of thanking the driver. Walk on the pavement and cross on the zebra-crossings.

See what else you can think up.


Cool word for the week: Foe

Meaning: enemy or opponent

Example: Dad and his foe patched up their friendship after 10 years of not speaking to each other and now they have a drink together occasionally.

Visit the “Be Kind to Human Kind” website for more ideas.

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