Helping Hand

Wayne being a pain

I was so chuffed for my friend Lizzie.

She’s been having hassles at school. But this time she studied very hard for the exams and did really well. She was even top of the class for some of the subjects.

I gave her some help when it came to life sciences and she even beat me.

Hah! I must be a good teacher. Mind you, Dad always helps me study – and I just passed along the hints and tips that he gave to me. Sharing is good when it means that everybody can do well.

One of my other friends, Wayne, was miffed because Lizzie beat him too and can you believe it – he was nasty to her. Poor Lizzie was so upset – she had no clue what she had done wrong.

I looked at him and asked… “What’s your problem?”

He said he always came first in Maths and he did not like it when somebody else did better than him. Now he would have to work even harder so that he could beat Lizzie in the next exams.

Oh my hat! What a chump.

I think you should be glad when your friends do well at something. You should be proud for them too.

You wouldn’t like it if they were mean to you if you achieved something special. Would you? I know I wouldn’t.

Even if they get a new bike and you’ve got an old rusty one – so what! Be happy for them.

Sadly, it seems to me that some people tend to resent other people when they do well. Even if they win the lotto or get a promotion at work – instead of celebrating with the person – they get all grumpy and mean.

Lizzie and I went out for delicious ice-cream milkshakes to celebrate the fact that she did well in her exams. We invited Wayne to come with us too – but he said no-ways. He was too busy doing his maths homework to waste time on having ice-cream. Silly boy!

Lizzie got to work out the 10% tip for the waitress while I sat back and slurped up the last drops of ice-cream with my straw.

It’s great having smart friends.


Word for the week: Chuffed

Meaning: pleased or delighted

Example: Sibo was very chuffed when Lizzie came top of the class in English, maths and science.


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