Stay Safe

Sibo and Wayne walking Zona

I heard that there was an accident the other day when a person was killed just walking down the street on the pavement, minding his own business.

How terrible is this?

Cars and bikes should not drive like hooligans through suburban areas – but they do.  And they probably always will – unless the municipality puts humps and bumps in all the roads. Even then, I’ve seen some drivers get very creative driving on the pavement to avoid the humps.

People should take care when driving in suburban areas. Kids and dogs roam around. They shouldn’t really. But still they do.

We children should also be vigilant.  Keep an eye on the road. Walk on the pavement or side path. Don’t walk in the middle of the road. If you are taking your dog for a walk, make sure it is on a leash so that it cannot charge off after that unexpected cat and get you (or itself) into trouble.

Also remember the rules of the road.

Cross by the zebra crossing. Walk facing the oncoming traffic so that they can see you. If it’s night time – wear something bright so that cars can clearly see you. There is nothing worse than wearing black clothing walking down the road on a dark night. That is just silly.

And while we are on the topic of safety… don’t talk to strangers. No really – just don’t do it. And definitely do not take sweets from people that you do not know. Never ever! Not even if you are hungry and they look really good.

If you are at home alone, keep the doors locked. Don’t just open it if somebody knocks. Look out of a window or through the peephole to check if you know the person. Better still; just speak to them through the locked door. It’s also okay to pretend that there is somebody else there too.

Child molesters and drunk drivers should be locked up in a cold dank cell for a very long time – but unfortunately often they get away with their crimes.

Don’t be scared. Rather be alert my friends – it might save your life.


Cool word for the week: Snigger

Meaning: to laugh in a half-suppressed, typically scornful way

Example: Some of my friends snigger at me when I wear bright colours at night time, but I don’t care – I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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